I always wanted to make people smile, but I didn’t know I would be doing it literary. As a child, I liked getting my picture taken as much as the next little girl. I never thought about being the one on the other side of the camera.

During my high school years, I started taking pictures more and more as a hobby, still not imagining that being a photographer was a tangible career. My teachers and peers started complimenting me on the random pictures I took for the school. They thought my pictures would be perfect for the yearbook based on the quality of the pictures and my innovative style. I officially became the yearbook photographer shortly after. 

I continued photographing people and places, just for fun, until I discovered how much I truly enjoyed it. I felt happy while taking pictures; it was always fun, new and exciting. Through careful consideration, I realized it was really possible to make a career out it. I boldly changed all of my college applications from Interior Design to Photography at the last minute. I had to take a chance at what I really loved to do. 

I studied Art and Photojournalism at Central Michigan University and earned a Bachelor of Science. Just before graduating, I had to complete a marketing project on starting my own business and Moments Captured By Vanessa was developed. I had put so much hard work and research into the project that I decided to fully implement the idea. I began photographing out of my garage and less than a year later I opened my very own studio on Main Street in Ubly, Michigan.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and attend conferences nationwide to continue studying the art of photography. I supplement my education by taking portraiture classes as well. I am also earning my Master Degree in Photography to sustain with the ever-changing elements of photography. 

Our society grows everyday as people marry, have children and raise families. I am honored to capture these moments for you, throughout your life and for generations. My hope is that families will look back at these pictures and reminisce. When I was little, I never said I wanted to be a photographer, but now I realize this is the most fulfilling and priceless gift that I can give to you and our society as a whole.